Pedro Barros 2022 | " RAW EDIT "
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Having come up under the tutelage of Sandro Dias and Bob Burnquist, Pedro quickly rose to dominate every event where transition needed taming everywhere from his homeland to Australia and the USA.
Pedro is considered the best concrete skater of his, or possibly any, generation and right now it looks like he could achieve anything in the sport.
He was horribly unlucky to roll his ankle in the warm-up for the Skate Generation contest in his hometown in Brazil in 2015 because his insane part in Vans' seminal Propeller video of the same year really showed what he’s currently capable of. Fortunately, he recovered well and went on to win events around the world, year-on-year and claim a silver medal when skateboarding made it's debut at the Olympics in Tokyo.
As for the future, really who can say? A talent as great as his doesn’t even come along once in a generation, so watch out for big things from the boy from Brazil.
Sponsors and Shouts:
Red Bull, Vans, Petrobras, Oi, Evoke, Independent, Alta, Layback Beer


Place of birth:
Florianopolis, Brazil